Thursday, September 30, 2010

oh, happy day

thanks to this fabulous little place called "suicide market" (because it's quite possible to take one step out of the store and get whacked by a car!)
I was able to score some super fresh produce for super reasonable prices!
potatoes 200 yen
carrots 200 yen
Asian pear 200 yen (ok, maybe not so reasonable for 1, but oh so worth it!)
onions 100 yen
snap peas 100 yen
bean sprouts 35 yen

I have a feeling everyone there will know me by name in no time!

We also went out and bought the hubby a bicycle today.  He, of course, had to pick out one that was bright and unusual.  
 it's been a while, so he did a few laps in the parking lot
 then decided he was having fun and ready to ride home
 I followed him most of the way until he took off for a short cut

Next is my turn to pick out a bike...stay tuned =)


JG said...

Ha! I bet a conspicuous bike is a good thing in that crowded city! :)