Tuesday, September 14, 2010

3 more nights

Only 3 more nights in lodging!  We move into our house FRIDAY!  We've also scheduled them to deliver the furniture we'll be borrowing while we're here, our HHG and UAB that day...I might pull my hair out trying to coordinate everyone that day, but it'll be nice to have everything there and be done with it!

Today we took our driving class

tomorrow (if we have time) we pick up our permit!  Our sponsor was nice enough to leave us his car to drive while he is TDY for a couple of weeks so we'll be able to drive around a little on post and get used to it before we buy our own car and venture out on the scary small roads!  Speaking of buying a car, we saw this one on the way to dinner last night and I WANT IT!  It's more than we want to pay for a car, but it's the perfect size for driving over here and it's so cute =)  I'll try to go out during the day soon and take a better photo.

Oh and that dinner last night, super yummy ramen.  I think I'm becoming obsessed with the ramen here.  I want to eat it everyday!

(my 1st attempt at watermarking my photo, I'm not sure I like it yet)

and I tried the gyoza which everyone raves about...compared to the ones I make (just realized I've ever shared the recipe here...that'll be at the top of my to do list when I get our house unpacked and can start cooking again!), they were bland =(

Tomorrow is our newcomers orientation where they tell us about the base and...I don't really know what else!  Thursday I get to go to a cooking class with 2 ladies I've met here that will be taught by some local Japanese women.  I can't wait to meet some people in the community and learn how to make some yummy food!

We (I) met a couple from Cincinnati at Bunco the other night.  It's always nice to meet people from your home town.  It's been interesting meeting people here.  Every time you meet someone you get the same questions: where are you from? do you have kids? where does Jason work?  We're still not able to answer the last one yet.  Apparently Jason is "the" Engineer of his rank on this base and a couple of Colonels are fighting for him.  We've met a lot of people who, when they find out he's an Engineer, say, "oh, I heard you were coming" or "oh, it's nice to finally meet you".  After coming from a base full of Sappers, it's funny to me that he's such a hot commodity over here!  So after 2 weeks (I cannot believe it's been 2 weeks already!) he still doesn't know where he'll be working or what he'll be doing here.


JG said...

Haha, so you're a celebrity! Go blonde and you;ll never be able to go anywhere unnoticed! ;)

Heather said...

I am going to add to JG's comment - Have a baby!! Seriously, the Japanese will be coming up to you like crazy (especially if your baby has light hair, light skin). I have had random people ask to hold Grace while we are out shopping off-base. It is a little scary! ha

And if you came here like you were originally supposed to we could get you a really cheap car. We have 2 we are selling and one is probably going to be very cheap if the buyer lets us drive it until we leave :-)

hmb said...

Lodging is the worst!! I was ready to file for divorce by the time we got out of there :)

Have so much fun in Japan! We wanted to go there...but they had these other random plans for us...