Wednesday, September 29, 2010

I've been called out...

For not following the rules last time, so we're going to give this a 2nd try.  (Thanks, G.I. Joe's Wife, for giving me something to do tonight while the husband works until 10 pm)

I'm to answer these 8 questions then come up with my own questions and tag some of you to answer them, so here it goes

1. What is your least favorite chore? Why?
it used to be dishes (because I hate the way my hands feel after, it's not so bad now that I've learned to wear gloves), but this house we are in now is the 1st one I've ever lived in that hasn't had carpet and I'm starting to despise sweeping/mopping, especially with all the dog hair!
2. If you were to get a tattoo (hypothetically, ladies) what would you get?
I am not a fan of tattoos AT ALL but I think I would like to have one to symbolize my time here in Japan.  I actually had a dream that I got a tattoo of the Imperial Palace, where I plan to run my 1st ever 5K in November...but this is hypothetical right ;-)
3. Everyone asks about your favorite ___ memory... I want to hear about your worst vacation memory. Someone got sick, someone was an idiot - go! =)
This is one of my favorite stories to tell. I don't think I've ever told it on this blog, so bare with me, it's a long one!  If you know me IRL, I'm sure you've heard this before so you can skip to #4!

I used to work for an airline and traveled for free (best job perk ever).  I had a friend studying abroad in a small town in Spain.  Not speaking a word of Spanish, I decided to go visit.  Everyone told me I would be fine, that everyone in Madrid would speak English.  So I flew to Madrid (and had a few too many free glasses of wine in 1st class) and got to the train station where I was to buy a train ticket with no problem.  After wondering around for a while, I finally figured out where to buy a train ticket thanks to my pocket Spanish dictionary.  I got in line, turns out it was the wrong one.  Proceeded to wait in multiple wrong lines.  Finally got in the right line and the train I was supposed to be on was sold out...GREAT!  My cell phone didn't work and I had no idea how to contact my friend and tell him I wouldn't be on the train he was expecting me on.  I didn't want to buy a ticket for the next train because I didn't know how long my friend would wait around for me.  I figured out how to purchase a phone card but couldn't figure out how to call the number I had for my friend (turns out you don't have to dial the country code when you're in the country...I had a lot to learn at that time). I panicked!  I was hungry and afraid to eat anything because I didn't know what was in it.  I was in a foreign country where I couldn't say anything but "beer" and "bitch".  What's a girl to do but sit in a stairwell and cry, so that's what I did.  For a good 20 minutes.  I contemplated getting a cab back to the airport and getting on the 1st flight back to the states.    I eventually put on  my big girl panties and walked out into town and found an internet cafe where I was able to email my friend and make other arrangements for me to meet up with him.  (I also found a produce stand and bought 2 apples and 2 oranges and scarfed them down) When I finally got to the town where he was, I had never been happier to hear someone speak English!  I'm so happy that I stuck it out and didn't give up.  I learned a lot about myself, got to see a gorgeous country
plus I made some life long friends on that trip

4. What is your favorite Disney movie?
Um...I'm not a huge Disney fan...I'm going with the 1st Pirates of the Caribbean movie
5. [Stealing this question from my last attempt] What does your dream house look like?
lots of land, like enough to have horses and a rotating crop and some other animals.  A HUGE kitchen (something like this maybe)
 with a Pantry like Pioneer Woman's
 lots of large windows.  We (my husband) wants a guest suite above our detached garage that has a covered walkway connecting it to the 2nd floor of the main house.  I want a wrap around porch.  Yeah, we talk about this a lot and have tons of ideas =)
6. Flashback moment: Were you a Backstreet Boys fan or an NSYNC fan? =)
NSYNC!  All the way!  I even dated Lance's cousin for a while in HS (not just because he was related to him, mostly just because he was hot.  I have no shame).  I just found a photo of him and I the other day, if I can remember where I put it, I'll post it on here.
7. What is your favorite board game?
We love board games in this house!  My favorite is probably Settlers of Catan...don't know it?  look it up!  It's great!
8. If you could relive just one day in your life, what would it be?
one when my grandparents were alive.

Ok, now for my 8 questions for others to answer....
1.  What would be the theme song to the movie about your life?
2.  Who would you want to play you in that movie?
3.  What did you eat for dinner?
4.  If you were given $10,000, how would you spend it?
5.  What is your favorite body part on the opposite sex?
6.  Do you subscribe to any magazines?  If so, which ones?
7.  What is one of your dreams/goals in life?
8.  What would your last meal be if you were on death row?

And I tag...
HMB @ Pennies from Heaven
Ann @ Where the Windows are Always Open
Beth @ This American Wife
and anyone else that feels like participating =)


JG said...

Okay, well, I didn't realize you had been tagged as well, so I tagged you in mine today! Don't worry about that. :)

And I was totally Team Backstreet!

hmb said...

I had the most terrible date EVER and the movie he wanted to see was Pirates of the C. So I will forever dislike that movie.

The picture with the water is beautiful!!!

Kara said...

Hey, we are in Okinawa, but flew through Tokyo. I would like to go back and see everything though!