Sunday, September 12, 2010


My birthday has come and is almost gone (at least in my time zone, I'm still celebrating in EST though!) relatively uneventfully.  We slept in, got a 513 skype number set up & linked to my cell phone (super cheap calls to my mom? best present ever!) then spent the afternoon exploring Atsugi Navy base thanks to a ride from some friends.  We checked out some potential cars at the nearby car lot then headed home and had dinner at the community club on base.  Super low key day, but my husband is here with me so it's a great day.  It's very rare as a military spouse to spend 2 (almost 3, we missed my 08 bday by about 3 days!) birthdays in a row with my husband and I am extremely grateful.  I'm excited about what this year has in store for me and look forward to sharing all of our adventures with everyone through this blog!


JG said...

I look forward to following your adventures! And yes, it's so wonderful having them home for your birthday. :) Happy Birthday!!