Wednesday, September 22, 2010


We're all for the most part, settled in.  This is the 1st time I've had the movers take ALL of our stuff out of the boxes and I will ALWAYS do this in the future!  It has made it incredibly easier to get everything where it belongs. This is our 3rd military move in the 2+ years we've been married and I really wish I would have learned this trick sooner!  (speaking of "sooner(s)", sorry girls(you know who you are), but I gotta yell "GO UC" this weekend!)

I have a video all ready to go of the main floor, but right now I'm stealing borrowing internet from someone in the neighborhood until ours gets turned on Monday and the signal isn't strong enough for a long enough period to upload the video, so for now you get a few photos I've taken.

we hung our DVD racks and set up our "entertainment area"

I hung my beloved wedding photo clock on the enormous wall that spans the living/dining rooms

hung curtains, then realized how wrinkled they were, so I took them down and ironed them (my MIL would be so proud!)
about those curtains, they have these old school curtain "rods" here that look like this
so I spent 30 minutes shoving pins into my curtains while my husband found a way to give himself the punk rock "piercings" he's always dreamed of...gotta love him!

I also found the perfect spot for all my cookbooks and Food Network magazines above the sink

I've been able to cook again, FINALLY!

I made my favorite sweet and sour chicken (not fried this time)

and the most delicious grilled chicken fajitas, which I haven't shared the recipe for yet, but I promise to do so soon!

Today we went and picked up our new Japanese car
this was my 1st time driving off base and I was pretty much terrified, but it wasn't nearly as scary as I had anticipated!

and how stinking cute is our car key?!?! he he, I love that it matches our car!

and spent a relaxing afternoon at the pool on Atsugi Navy base near by

It's finally supposed to start cooling off here so I wanted one last day in the sun and it was just what I needed to relax after all the craziness of unpacking!  We only have a few more days before Jason goes back to work, so hopefully we get to do a little more exploring before our time becomes limited.


Jacki said...
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Jacki said...

Okay my mistake I posted a comment asking if you were stationed at Atsugi when I meant to ask where you were stationed! It's late and im having a brain fart!

We live on Atsugi though & Im glad everything is going well so far for you here.

Kara said...

I'm jealous of your keys! I want them! How is driving on the 'wrong' side working out? Hubby says I'm getting my license as soon as I get to Okinawa. He already bought each of us a vehicle. I'm a tad worried, but it can't be that hard if every one is doing it, right?

hmb said...

Oh my gosh the new car looks even better from a different angle!!

Love the pics and clock! Super cool idea!

JG said...

I love how Japanese make even something as simple as a carkey cute! :) And that's an awesome idea to hand the DVD racks. Well done!

Heather said...

I love the curtains here!!!!! I am so going to miss all of my wonderful and easy to open curtains when we move :(

And I may have to steal your idea of hanging the DVD racks. I have a toddler who absolutely loves to pull every DVD off the shelf and then pull the paper cover off them. We have been trying to come up with a way to keep them out of her reach when we move and this may be the perfect solution :-)