Wednesday, September 8, 2010

a post for my brother...

My mom told me today that my brother (hi Craig!) got a kick out of the bathroom photos I posted and apparently he's reading my blog now so I'm going to share this with him via my blog.

On the toilets here, the flush handles turn either up or down as indicated by the arrows and kanji like so:

Today in our class we learned the kanji for big and little.  According to our sensai, big looks like a sumo wrestler and little looks like a fighter jet.  There fore, you turn the handle up toward the sumo wrestler for a "big flush" and down toward the fighter jet for a "little flush".  They're so clever over here!  Craig, I know you'll appreciate this!


Christine @ Christine's Kitchen Chronicles said...

Hey those are the same characters for "big" and "little" in Chinese :). A lot of Japanese kanji is really just borrowed/ripped off from Chinese so little did you know you're kind of learning not one but TWO Asian languages :). Bonus!