Sunday, October 3, 2010


This weekend we traveled about an hour by train to Kamakura to see the Diabutsu aka giant Buddha

 when we got off the train, we could see the ocean so we walked down there 1st
 this quote was on a stone outside of the Buddha...I want to be able to say I live by this
 then we headed over to Hasedera Temple 

It had the most beautiful gardens...we want to go back in the spring, I'm sure it'll be even more gorgeous

 these flowers are also growing in random patches in our yard, we call them firework flowers and LOVE them...this might be my favorite photo I've ever taken
 there was a magnificent view of Yuigahama beach

 this was one of the few prayers I could read and it broke my heart...I can't imagine what the others say
we went into a cave on the grounds of the Temple

And I am not being paid to say this, but if you are a photographer and do not own a Jo Tote, you're missing out!  It has movable dividers so you can make the pockets the size you want/need.  It fits my camera, 3 lenses, extra batteries and charger, my sunglasses, wallet and there is room to grow!
 It has straps so it can be carried like a purse or like a messenger bag...and the best part?!?! IT'S SUPER CUTE!


Tori Bella said...

Your hubby gets major props for the TMNT shirt!

JG said...

Fantastic pictures!!

Melissa Woodard said...

Did you know that each of those baby statues at Hasedera Temple represents the loss of a baby or child? I was very surprised by how many there were, and to find out they can't even put them all out at once. It was a very somber realization for me to know what all of those statues really meant... The beautiful view helps counter the somberness of the temple, in my opinion.... I love to visit this place. :-)