Saturday, December 31, 2011

December 31, 2011

Today was the PERFECT end to a crazy year!  We traveled to Hakone to spend the day at an Onsen.  It was great to relax and reflect on all that has happened this year.

Before we could go, we had to take care of a little business.  The Japanese don't view tattoos the same way we do in America and tattoos aren't welcome at most onsen's so we had to do some covering of my husband's Ichthus tattoo

Once we arrived, I started in the main spa area while Jason went off  to get a massage

We met back up and spent some time exploring inside for a bit

then headed outside in the SNOW to hit up the water slide and explore the "caves" a was about 40 degrees outside at this point!

we floated in the salt bath for a was so strange.  It was easier to float than stand in this water.

but it made your skin feel funny so we had to rinse off afterwards

I loved the rose bath! It was scented with some sort of red powder but they also had tons of roses and rose petals floating in the water

back outside, there were also green tea, sake, coffee, charcoal and wine baths.  It was freezing out so we ran to the top and jumped in each one for a few minutes, I snapped one quick photo and ran back inside!

we went with some great friends and it made the day that much more enjoyable!

The best worst most interesting part of the day was getting our feet sucked on by a bunch of fish
{please don't mind our pale, out of shape winter bodies!  whose idea was it to wear a bathing suit in December anyways?!?!?}

Ok, so I spent most the the time holding my feet out of the water or trying to keep the fish off my feet.  It was just a little too weird for me!

We came home so relaxed that we decided not to go out tonight!  The husband is asleep on the couch and I'm blogging & watching chick flicks.  What a perfect ending to 2011!

Friday, December 30, 2011

Top 11 of 2011

For me, one of the best parts of blogging is looking back at old posts.   I decided to recap some of the best moments of the past year.  Here are my most viewed posts of 2011

5. All Cooked Out {THE most popular post of the year!}

7. Contact Card {not sure how this one made the list lol}

10. Crafts

Thursday, December 29, 2011

#homefortheholidays {part 2}

We're back in Japan!  We had such an amazing time at home with family but it really is nice to be HOME!

Here's a brief photo recap of the rest of my trip {in no particular order}

the husband and I on Christmas Eve

My handsome hubby and his brother showing off their high school letter jackets

It isn't a trip home without a ride on the Anderson Ferry.  Some of our family lives in Ohio and some live in Kentucky and there is a ferry that takes you and your vehicle across the Ohio River.  It cuts our drive time in half! {plus Jason's grandfather's cousin owns the ferry, so Jason always gets out to say hi, even in the rain!}

my brothers have this game called Cuponk, it's basically like beer pong with one cup and no beer but it kept the boys entertained for hours!

I got to attend a hockey game with some of my favorite girlfriends

I was so excited to have my husband with me after a week in Cincinnati by myself

I'm not sure if this was Alaska, the North Pole, Russia or what but it was a beautiful sight during my flight back to Japan

On Christmas Eve, we stopped at a gas station for some beverages.  My husband walked out with beer and I decided I wanted OJ, a pickle, gummy bears and some gum.  I swear I'm not pregnant!

Jason ordered his grandmother a potted flower for Christmas, however, when it arrived it was just a pot, 2 bags of dirt and a bulb.  So he and his grandmother planted it together.

we put my brothers gifts {sake and sake glasses} to use immediately  

I got to spend some time with my college BFF during my layover in Detroit.  We don't get to see each other often {the last time was at our big wedding over 2 years ago} so I was very grateful she came to the airport to hang out with me for a bit.  Please excuse my tired look.  This is what happens when I have to wake up a 0330 for a flight!

Jason's brother Nik and his FIANCE!  They waited to tell everyone about their engagement in person and I ruined the surprise more than once.  I SUCK at surprises! 

us on Christmas

celebrating Christmas with my mom, and siblings.  I cannot believe we got such a good photo in so few tries!

I learned how to play and became addicted to a new game

the shirt I bought my husband.  He loves him some LMFAO

We ran into friends we met here in Japan at a casino in Indiana.  We both have family in the same area but didn't think we'd have time to meet up.  Little did we know we'd randomly run into each other!

it hit 63 degrees one day while I was home.   A lot of people were disappointed it wasn't snowing at Christmas time but I was loving the warm weather!

My cousin saw one of our wedding photos on the NBC Nightly news one night.  This is just a screen shot, but you can see the news clip here if you're interested.  It was part of a story about Brides Across America

I FINALLY got to meet our cousin's baby boy, Wyatt, just 2 days before his 1st birthday!  He is the sweetest baby.  I'm so glad we finally got to meet him!

Just thinking about everything we did makes me tired.  Tomorrow we are celebrating NYE at a Japanese Onsen, or hot springs, and I CANNOT WAIT!  It's going to be the perfect day of relaxing.  I can't think of a better way to end 2011.

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

"It's the freakin weekend...

baby I'm about to have me some fun"

Any R. Kelly fans out there?  Ok, me either but I always get that line stuck in my head when I have a really great weekend.  This past weekend would be one of those.  I cannot stop singing that song!  I am amazed at how much I have squeezed into my time here.

I was a little sad on Friday because I was missing things back in Japan.  My husband was in a grappling tournament and although he didn't do very well, I still would have liked to have been there.  Luckily I have some awesome friends who sent me lots of photos including this one of him on top of some dude

Friday night was the holiday ball and almost everyone I know and love at CZ was there so I was really bummed to miss it.  Again, my friends are awesome and took photos for me!

Saturday, I went shopping with my sister then had lunch with my friend Caitlyn {photo FAIL}.  After that my BFF cut my hair and styled it all pretty for a wedding I was going to

Beth and I met when I dated her best friend back in HS.  Neither of our relationships with the guy lasted but our friendship has.  I'm not sure either one of us would have survived HS/College without each other.  I am so so SO glad I was able to be in town for her wedding!

It was GREAT to catch up with friends I haven't seen in years.  LOVE you AndyJ!
KSteel, I miss you more than you know! 

Sunday I got to attend church at my "home" church and it was WONDERFUL!  I love that church and the family that comes with it.  One of my most favorite people in the world drove down from Columbus to attend church and have lunch with me {photo FAIL #2.  Rebecca, how did we let that happen!!??!} After lunch I did a little shopping then had dinner #1{it's all about the food when I'm in town} with my cousin.  She lives in Cali and it is very rare that our time in Cincinnati overlaps.  This trip we had about 24 hours where we were both in town so we made time to see each other and I'm so glad we did.

From there I was off to dinner #2 with 3 of my 6 bridesmaids from our wedding.  Again, it was great to catch up with them.  I hate that we don't get to do things together more often.  I LOVE these girls!
{better photo coming soon}

Monday {I know that's not the weekend but it's my blog and I want to keep going} we went shopping for the BM dress we will wear in my brothers wedding in June.  We had to drive all over town to find the dress in the size I wanted but I really have no time for alterations since I won't be home again until just before the wedding so I wanted to be SURE it would fit.  Once we found it {these aren't the color}, it did fit perfectly but I cannot afford to gain a single pound between now and then!  It's a good thing I'm going to attempt the C25K again once I get back to Japan.

Between stops at David's Bridal, we stopped for dinner and this is how my wings were served to me.  In an egg carton, I loved it!

Yesterday, I found myself eating at chatting some more. 

 I had lunch with my buddy Steve.  He was stationed in Japan many years ago so it was good to get to share stories.

And dinner with Heather
 {I'm getting better at the "take a photo with everyone I see" thing}

Today I have lunch and dinner plans again then I get to go to a HOCKEY game and immediately following the game I'll pick Jason up from the airport!  It's going to be another great day!  The rest of our time here is pretty much dedicated to family and is going to be crazy busy so I probably won't post again before Christmas.  If that is the case, I hope everyone has a very merry Christmas!