Wednesday, September 8, 2010


I am so freaking excited I have to share with the world!  We've only been in lodging a week and we already have a house!  They put us on the wait list based on when we left our last duty station (we've never lived on post before, so I don't know if this is normal or not) so we were at the top, but we heard of people waiting like 60 days so I am super excited about a week!  We have to go through all the ropes, so we don't move in until next week but I'm glad I have a date to look forward to.  We got super lucky and got a house that is way larger than we had ever anticipated, 3bdrm and 2.5 bath on the main post here where EVERYONE I've met so far lives, so it is exactly what we wanted and then some!  Plus we'll only have to get one car because everything is within walking distance.

I'm going to share all my dorkiness with you, here is a video tour of our empty house:

***************EDIT:  I decided to take the video's down********************


Sarah said...

So, I'm completely jealous of your HUGE house! How did you qualify for a 3 bedroom?! We have 2 and one itty bitty bathroom. And we're in Hawaii! Totally not fair at all. =P