Friday, September 10, 2010

I hate coming up with titles!

So this post doesn't get one!

We went on a field trip with our Japanese sensei today for this head start class we're taking.  We bussed out there and stopped at a rest area type of place on the way.  I decided to be adventurous and try one of their snacks.  I picked a bag that I could see into so I had some idea what I was getting..still never would have guessed the taste that came from this bag
it tasted like french fries and bizarre!

I also bought some gum which came in a a neat package
the flavor was great but it didn't last long...I think I'll be adding Extra gum to my list of items for my mom to send me!

We got to the castle and began the tour with Sensei "Killing Machine" as we like to call him.  He is always talking about weapons and "pow pow" and is a black belt in every imaginable type of martial arts.  He was full of great stories and knew a lot about the castle
Here are some photos from the castle

The 4 symbols on the left (from top to bottom, fighter jet, window, hangman, I'm not sure) say Odawara Castle....after that, I have NO CLUE!
standing on an original stone
they are serious about their trash/recycling here!
another toilet pic!
Jason's lunch
Sensei wanted to take a photo of me pinching the castle...nice try Sensei!

I'm off to play bunco for the 1st time =)  Have a great weekend everyone!


JG said...

So cool! And I'm impressed that you know what those symbols meant!

Julie Danielle said...

What cool pictures!