Saturday, September 11, 2010

conveyor belt sushi

We went to our 1st conveyor belt sushi restaurant today.  Actually, believe it or not, it was the 1st time we've had sushi since we've been here.  The sushi was so good tonight that I'm sure it won't be the last time we eat it while were here.  Never heard of conveyor belt sushi? It's a restaurant where fresh sushi is placed on a conveyor belt that goes around the restaurant and people sitting at a bar or tables around the conveyor belt just pick the plate that they want to eat.  All the sushi is placed on color coated plates based on the price (for example, all sushi on the yellow plates were 200 Yen) and when you're done eating,  a waitress comes by and adds up all of your empty plates and brings you a bill.  The best part is, you don't have to be able to speak the language at all!  I was super excited to find out there is one of these restaurants just a 10 minute walk from base.

 our price chart (right now, it's about 85 Yen to the dollar, so the plates ranged from about $1.15 to $3.25.  We didn't even ever see any gold or silver plates.)
 here comes what would turn out to be my favorite
 my FAVORITE!  I almost didn't try anything else, this was so good! (salmon)
the evil had wasabi hidden between the shrimp and not cool!
some kind of yummy tuna that was just a bit too spicy for me to finish
people in the restaurant watching the food
we didn't try this one, but it was funny to me...corn and what looked like tuna salad
some scary stuff
that Jason actually tried and liked!
this was was scary too...Horse Mackerel and sardine..YUCK!
showing off some fish to the camera
if this isn't fresh sushi, I don't know what is!

cooking some of that FRESH fish with a blow torch
part of the damage

After it was all said and done, we paid 4,299 yen for about 17 plates of sushi for 3 people.  I'd consider a $50 dinner for 3 people a success!


lola said...

OOOOH! I love conveyor sushi! There is a place in DC called Sushi-Go-Round that first introduced me to the concept. So fun!

JG said...

That is too cool! I've never seen conveyor sushi! And I love the sushi with the fish eggs on top. Yummy! I'm sure it's different than the Americanized versions we have here (I love fried sushi :)) but it looks so good.

This American Wife said...

Its a very cool idea! There was a place by us when we were stationed at Ft. Lewis called Sushi Revolution that was the same idea. We never went (I was pregnant) but I heard it was awesome!

Dave and Ashley said...

Ive always said that I don't want to do OCONUS after Germany - but this makes me think twice!