Monday, May 27, 2013


Day 28, Tuesday: Only pictures

Today's prompt, only pictures, is the perfect way to share how I spent my Memorial Day.  Living on a military instillation, EVERY day is Memorial Day.  Every day I drive past a home with a gold star flag hanging in the window or see a person wearing a gold star pin or a memorial bracelet in honor of a fallen friend/family member/loved one/fellow soldier.  My husband wears one in honor of 1SG Christoper Rafferty whom he deployed with back in 2006, Jason's first deployment.  It's the only piece of "jewelry" that he wears no-matter-what, even more than he wears his wedding ring.  I am constantly reminded of and remembering those that have made the ultimate sacrificed.  We decided to spend this Memorial Day in Hiroshima.  The last location on my MUST do list while living in Japan.  I cannot think of a better place to spend the day.  I don't think the day needs any words, photos will do.