Monday, May 27, 2013

30x30 Fashion Challenge {week 4 + a SURPRISE}

I'll be honest, I struggled this week (again)!  I had a couple days were I was at the gym in the morning and in the evening and getting dressed in between those gym appearances was difficult.  That combined with a couple rainy days resulted in few underwhelming outfits this week.  I also cheated one day...kind of.  I "work" one day a week so on that day I like to make a little extra effort when I get dressed.  I had a dress planned (and even ironed) then the morning of, I couldn't get the broken zipper to work! I was running late so it became "grab the first acceptable thing you see" which turned out not to be a 30x30 piece but I wore my black tank underneath so after teaching I took off my cheat shirt.

Oh also, they were repainting our house so I lost my decent lighting/non distracting background for taking photos so my I had to move indoors and most of the photos are crap-tastic this week.

Day 19

Day 20
This day was cool and rainy and I was at the gym twice that day so it wasn't easy to get dressed and feel cute but the umbrella definitely helped! (don't mind the giant black marks on the wall...I might have caught the grill, the whole grill, on fire last summer)

Day 21
I have no idea what I'm looking at it but was the best photo I got that day.  Meh!

Day 22
This was my "Oh $@!+" I'm going to be late day...I even left with may hair up like this which is how I wear it while I'm getting ready.

Day 23
This is what I intended on wearing for day 22.  I had to have my neighbor help me with the dang zipper but we finally got it.  I was actually glad it hadn't worked out the day before because it turned out to be perfect for an outdoor military ceremony.

Day 24
Travel day = comfy clothes!

All together

Even though this week contained a few bumps in the road for me, the awesome bloggers that I'm doing this challenge with kept me motivated.  The fabulous ladies of this 30x30 Challenge would like to gift you with a $60 shopping spree to a store of your choice!  Winner will be able to choose a gift card to one of our favorite stores—Loft, Old Navy, Gap, Target, or Forever 21!  Use the Rafflecopter to enter!  Good luck!

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Special thanks to Jacquelyn for organizing the giveaway and to Kimberly for designing the giveaway graphic, this would not be possible without them!


Kimberly said...

I love the pink jeans and black tank. I wish I was wearing something like that right now, its so hot in my parents house :)

Unknown said...

The dress in day 19 is fabulous and I love the skinnies!!

Unknown said...

I love the church look :)

AgKB said...

Teal dress is my fav all around :)

Carrie said...

Day 23 with the white dress and coral belt is adorable! Also love the coral pants with black tank!

Kara said...

Day 20 is my favorite. I'd wear that every day.

Cacey said...

Day 20 is super cute! It's getting harder, isn't' it???

Dana said...

I really liked day 20! Very cute and casual but looks really nice too!

Brenda Stevens said...

I love Day 20 - the outfit's cute and so are your poses!