Tuesday, November 12, 2013

The Thanks and Giving Project

I'm taking a break from the 30 Days of Thankfulness to present you an awesome project I'm working on with some of my new favorite friends!

The Thanks and Giving Project. A week devoted to gratitude and giving. Inspired by this project.
Won’t you join us? Our group of SoCal military spouses, who just happen to be bloggers, are joining forces. Making a difference together. We want to stop and slow this month down.
Do you ever feel the same?
It’s almost Thanksgiving. Hanukkah. Kwanzaa. Christmas. The new year. Life is about to get busy. Real busy.
What if we took a whole week… well, almost a whole week… five days before Thanksgiving to give thanks and just plain, give.
Here is what we have cooked up:
Starting Monday, November 18 we will post a new Thanks and Giving task daily. A simple task. An Act of Kindness. The goal is to keep focused and complete each daily task. But if you can’t. It’s okay. I promise there are no blog police.
The Thanks and Giving Project isn’t about adding more stress to an already busy week. This project is about committing to good. Bringing joy to others. Expressing gratitude. Giving.
Let go of the countdowns and lists. Stop thinking about things and focus on people. Say ‘Thank You’. Say ‘Your Welcome’. Oh, and don’t forget to enlist the help of your kids!  They are gonna love this! And so are you!
Are you in? If yes, then link up your blog below. Join us on Instagram and Twitter with #thanksandgiving as you complete your tasks.

Here are your Thanks and Giving Week tasks:
Day 1 (Nov.18):  Treat a stranger.
Day 2 (Nov.19): Send Handwritten notes.
Day 3 (Nov. 20): Treat A Neighbor.
Day 4 (Nov. 21): Leave messages of kindness.
Day 5 (Nov. 22): Treat Your Family.


Chantal said...

Unrelated... but I just noticed the new blog design! Nice!