Monday, April 26, 2010


{11Apr10} Eating popcorn.  Texting my BFF.  Watching Army Wives.  Good Sunday night

{12Apr10} Nasty little sucker (pun intended)

{13Apr10} The rest of my crossfit group going for a run while I slack off and walk

{14Apr10} Visiting the Missouri capitol building in Jefferson City

{15Apr10} Rough life

{16Apr10} Self-timer FAIL

{17Apr10} Drinks with the girls in Branson (how did I visit a tourist trap like that and not take any photos?!?!)

{18Apr10} Gotta love him

{19Apr10} Photographing the 2010 Best Sapper competition

{20Apr10} The cutest spectators at the helo cast

{21Apr10} 1 of the 2010 Best Sapper Champions

{22Apr10} Another day in the life of an Army wife

{23Apr10} I miss hockey and the amazing friends I've made through the game!

{24Apr10} Ohio University Military Ball with my handsome husband

{25Apr10} It was really hard to ignore the poison ivy on my arm (thank you Best Sapper) while staring at this view on the drive back to FLW

{26Apr10} Trying to install Adobe Creative Suite 4....not going so well


Tori Bella said...

I love the Army Wives and texting one!

Kara said...

We are stationed at the same place! Looking at these pics confirmed that. What a small world!!