Monday, April 5, 2010


I love my readers.  Since I started blogging a few months ago, I feel like I have this whole new group of friends that I can talk write to and listen to read about and I love it!  Little reminders, like this award, remind me that my readers love me too =)  Thank you, G.I. Joe's Wife, I think your blog is beautiful too!

Alright, here are the rules:

1. Thank the person who nominated you for this award and link back to their blog.

Thanks for the 
fabulous award, G.I. Joe's Wife!

2. Pass the award on to 7 other bloggers who have a beautiful blog.

I always hate this part...because I love all the blogs I read!!! But, I can only choose 7, so here goes:

2. Errign @ 365 days!

And some love for the girls in Japan, whom I can't wait to join:
6. Heather @ McGriff Adventure

3. Contact the other bloggers and let them know they won an award.

4. Say 7 things about yourself.

1. I type like I talk and I talk like I think.  If you can keep up with it, you deserve a gold star.
2. Speaking of gold stars, that used to be one of my favorite things to say, "you get the gold star", and I kept a pack of gold star stickers in my purse and i would physically hand out gold stars to my friends.
3. I'm a dork.  I know it and I embrace it!
4. I love, love, love to read.
5. My right wrist has been aching for the past few weeks and I think I have am getting carpal tunnel.
6. I often feel like I have no style/fashion sense.  I'm afraid of patterns and almost ALWAYS just wear solid colors.
7. I love to be barefoot.

Now I have to get some things done around the house so the hubs doesn't think I spent the entire day on the internet!


Sarah said...

=) You're absolutely welcome! I love to be barefoot too. My hubby used to make fun of me for rarely wearing shoes. And when I must wear shoes, I prefer flip flops. =)

JG said...

Oh wow, I could pretty much list all those same 7 things about myself. I hardly EVER go shopping without SoldierMan, he's much more fashion-forward than I am. :) And I would totally carry around gold stars. That's awesome! :)

Thank you so very much!

Anonymous said...

Thanks! I just posted for the night, but I will try to remember this for tomorrow's post!

Happy Monday!

Lisa said...

Aww yay! Thanks for the award and giving me something to blog about this week! :)

I absolutely prefer to be barefoot too, but I live in a cold house now, so I pretty much have to wear socks.

Taylor said...

You made my day!

Im like you, I wear all solids. I envy trendy people. I wish I had a personal shopper!

MLH said...

Wow ... arigato-gozaimasu!!

Nancy said...

Awww thank you! I love to read also- but I haven't been reading as much as I used to lately- namely because I like to read in bed at night- but I think that hurts Hubby's feelings so I usually refrain. When he deploys again it will be on! lol