Monday, April 12, 2010

I could be wrong but....

I'm pretty sure this little guy is NOT supposed to be embedded in my HIP!

I came home from the gym and was getting ready to shower when I saw what I thought was a small scab on my hip.  I don't remember scratching myself but with me, who knows.  So I pull of the "scab" and think, "wow, that didn't hurt like it normally does when I pull off a scab", then, "hmmm...why is this scab MOVING?!?!  OMG it's a TICK!!!!!"  I proceed to PANIC!  I thought the head was still in my skin so I call my husband (who is at his 1st substitute teaching gig) and he doesn't answer, then I call my mom, who also doesn't answer.  Luckily my good friend Kristi did answer and came over to check me out and confirm that the head was indeed still attached to the tick and not in me.

Now I've got the creepy crawlies and every part of my body itches!  In all my years of camping and girl scouts, I've NEVER had a tick and I have no idea where this one came from!  UGH!


On a much less disgusting note, I noticed today that I have quite a few new followers and I want to say hi and thanks for stopping by =)


JG said...

Ew ew ew!! Now I'm itching!! Glad you got it all off though.

Ashleigh said...


Tori Bella said...

I saw the preview of this last night - and it could not have come at a better moment - I pulled my very first tick off of Jackson last night. SO GROSS!

Kate said...

Oh my lord.... this post made ME itch.. haha.

To answer your question posted at my blog - we are stationed at Yokota which is about 1.5-2 hours away from Zama!

I haven't ever been to Zama, but I know people that have and they have a similar set up to Yokota with MWR programs and resources to get you off base to see the sights in Japan.
If you EVER have ANY questions about Japan just let me know!

kim west said...

Oh, so itchy. so gross. I would have freaked out!