Thursday, April 15, 2010

The final countdown...

I just realized we are moving in 3 weeks!  AAAGGGHHHHH!  I'm kind of freaking out but obviously not too bad or I wouldn't be sitting here blogging!  I'm making some lists to make me feel keep me organized.  Most of you are pro's at PCS'ing so I thought I'd share one of these lists with you and maybe you can add to it, or provide me with some advice/tips.  (This is our 1st OCONUS PCS)

(A little side note:  When we leave FLW, I'm moving in with my momma for the summer while the hubs is at Ranger/Sapper school (hopefully).  Our stuff is getting put into storage until we're ready to send it to Japan.  There is no temp storage in Japan, so we cannot send it early or we will get charged to store it until we get there sometime in October.  I have to decide what to keep with me for the summer and what can go into storage and then to Japan.  Plus I have to make sure whatever I keep with me can fit into 3 suitcases for the trip to Japan.)


*camera (and bag of camera goodies)
*external hard drive
*wireless router (my mom already has 3 CPU's hooked up in one room.  If I want internet all summer, I have to take my router with me!)
*water bottle
*Jason's army gear (for Sapper/Ranger school)
*Japan travel books
*Twilight DVD's (gotta have something to watch on the 14 hour flight)
*PASSPORTS/orders/marriage certificate
I am resisting the urge to add cookbooks to this list!

This list is obviously not complete.  If you were in my shoes (spending the summer with mom before moving to Japan), what would you add to that list?!?!


JG said...

I just found out we're moving in three weeks too! AAAGGGHHHHH! Like, literally found out this morning. FREAK!!!

I would just budget for extra expenses in the summer, because I'm sure you will find things you need that you forgot to keep out. That's my only advice, I've never done this before either. :)

Sarah said...

I wish I could help you out...but I'm not much of a list-maker. And since I'm PCSing OCONUS like, uh, next week...I may post about it on my blog. =) Though, it feels like I haven't done ANYTHING other than worry about getting my dog over there. Lol! If you have any specific questions that aren't coming to my mind right now, feel free to email me! (

Jessica said...

While I wouldn't recommend cookbooks, I would take a book or two to read this summer and/or on the plane, besides the travel books. You also may get a little bored in temp housing before you can move into your house. Don't forget all of the dog and guinea pig stuff either. Not just toys but their papers as well. Also make sure all of your dishes are clean and where they should be. I had my silverware seperated but had a dirty knife in the sink...found it in a basket with junk mail and cleaning supplies two months later. Since you won't have to wait two months for your stuff to get there, your list looks pretty good to me.

Michelle A'etonu said...

Hi Jessica! Great to hear from you. I'm doing my first OCONUS move (besides a deployment) in a few months too and I'm nervous! Best of luck to you!

Michelle A'etonu said...

wow! didn't realize you're moving to Japan! sounds great. I'm moving to Germany and am stoked. I was at FLW for OBC many moons ago (2001). I was a chemical officer for a short time. i loved FLW though...don't know too many folks that can say that!

Nancy said...

You might want to purchase a rug or two if you don't already have some. Unless you knnow for sure that your housing will have carpeting (or decent carpeting.) They do have rugs here- but you might like the selection at Target/Costco- better. Buy one or two new bathroom trash cans (depending on how many baths you'll have.) I threw mine out and had the hardest time finding a stupid trash can for the bathroom! In fact- the home decor selection sucks all together here. So if you see something you like for your house- buy it now. As you already know- not everyone will ship to FPOs (or even if they do- some things cannot be shipped overseas- like makeup and Fiesta Ware.) As for wall art and do-dads- you can find all sorts of cool Japanese stuff here of course! Camp Zama holds a cool bazaar with the most beautiful furniture- you will die!
Are you guys flying out together? If not- make sure you have a POA for everything. For the Navy folks we need several copies of Hubby's orders and the family entry approval- for everything. It is probably similar for the Army? If so- pack those all on your carry ons with your passports and such.
If I think of anything else I will let you know!

Kara said...

You guys are going to Japan?!?! This is too funny now. The movers came today to pack uf Hubby's stuff for Japan. The kids and I are staying put though.