Friday, April 2, 2010

Fun Day!

So (why do I always start out with the word "so"...I need to stop that) a couple weeks ago, I saw this post about a Target gift card giveaway by the wonderful Julie of Julie The Army Wife and thought, "aw, that's sweet.  I hope someone who really wants/needs it wins".  Then, I continued down my Google reader to find this post over at Mrs in Training and thought "I WANT THAT DRESS", so I headed back over to Julie's blog and entered her giveaway for the Target gift cart and guess what!?!??  I WON!!!  WOOHOOOOO!!!  Well today, I received the envelope I've been checking the mail for all week

and I couldn't wait, so I bribed a friend and her kiddos, with a stop at the arcade, to make the hour trip each way to the closest Target with me and bought the dress I had my eye on (sorry for the fitting room pic, but it's all I have)

I love it.  I promised the hubs I would keep the spending to a minimum, so I put back the other 3 colors I was carrying around with me and just got this fabulous coral color which will be great for spring! 

Plus, I got to spend some quality time with my good friend Ashley and her super cute kiddos stomping aliens at the Arcade!

After spending the past 2 days in bed sick with ridiculous spring allergies, this is exactly the fun day I needed today!  

BIG thank you to Julie The Army Wife and Mrs In Training!  With out you both, this day would have been far less fun!

P.S.  I'm going to a military ball with the hubs in a few weeks at Ohio University where his little brother is in ROTC and I'm trying to decide if I like this dress a friend gave me...what do you think?  I don't normally wear green, or bling bling, so this is way out of my comfort zone!


Lisa said...

Nice find on the coral dress! I really like the green dress, I say go for it!

Jes said...

Thanks Lisa!

Julie Danielle said...

Love your post :)

I like both of those dresses :)

I was at Target yesterday and wondering if you had spent the card yet :)

Jessica Turner said...

I know the green dress is out of your comfort zone but it's soooo beautiful! The back is amazing! I'm tellin ya, if I fit into it I would have kept it! You look fab in it! Wear it!!

Modern Camelot said...

I don't know why I wasn't following you already, but I am now! That dress is so cute on you that I scooped it in the same color last night ;) Thanks for the post!!