Friday, March 12, 2010

Project365 {week10}

{5Mar10} Jason reunited with some of his BFFs from college (you can't even tell he's in the Army with that grad school facial hair)

{6Mar10} The fish they brought to my room at the best hotel ever!

{7Mar10} We stopped to take pictures of this kangaroo that was in someone's yard on our way home from Nashville! (I think he was putting on a show for me, my husband thinks he's trying to scare me away...what do you think?!?!)

{8Mar10} I had Brussels sprouts for the 1st time since I was a kid and I actually enjoyed them!

{9Mar10} My French toast looked like Africa

{10Mar10} It hit 79 and was sunny today!  I cannot wait until this weather is around for good!

{11Mar10} Looking a hot mess, working in the garden in the windy, 43 degree weather...huge change from the day before!


Tori Bella said...

You look cute in that picture!!!