Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Get Moving Monday

I'm a day late posting my Moving Monday post, I haven't updated my Project365 in 2+ weeks and I haven't posted a recipe in weeks...all because I can't stop getting sick!  Luckily I felt well enough to road trip it to Nashville with my hubby over the weekend but as soon as we got back, I started feeling cruddy again!  So this is going to be a long day of catching up!  1st up, Get Moving March:

Hosted by Casey at The Everchanging Life.

This game has three simple rules:

1. No fast food for March
2. Exercise 3 times a week
3. Post about it on Mondays

Week 1 wasn't the best, and week 2 isn't starting off any better!  I have decided that trying for a 1/2 marathon is a little over the top, so I'm aiming for a 5K instead which is a much more attainable goal.  Now I just have to find one I want to run!  I only broke the no fast food rule twice on our trip to Nashville which I'm ok with because I did keep my promise not to eat any fried food when I did eat fast food.  Now that the road trip is over this part of the program should be smooth sailing =)  I did work out 3 times last week but didn't finish my running training due to the trip.  This weeks training is supposed to be the same as last weeks, but because of the fact that I can't even breath normally while I'm sitting here on the couch blogging due to allergies, I'm sure it's not a good idea to try to run right now...hopefully I feel better tomorrow =)  Hopefully I have a better report next week!

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Casey (@ Chaos and Cardboard) said...

A 5K sounds like a great goal! Good job not picking the fried stuff this week!

Fly The Friendly Skies said...

Hey Jess! I did my first half marathon last May, if you decide you want to go for one after a 5K or two I can send you the training program I used and tweaked to fit my schedule. I was nervous but made it through with no injuries!!! Good luck with the running, I've found its hard to start but gets easier with time. :)

Jes said...

Thanks girls!

HaithBears said...

I feel like I posted this already but I guess not... So if you want to run a 5k and you <3 nashville, the one I ran when I was there was www.irunfortheparty.com - their cinco de mayo one is fun. costumes encouraged. personal experience tip: if you plan to run for your health or a time goal, try not to double-fist beer at the start line. it makes the race kind of miserable about halfway through. save it for the end where there are margaritas and mexican food galore!

Jes said...

Thanks Haith..I've decided since I suck so bad at running that might be a little soon, however... the 4th of July race in Nashville is sounding mighty nice =) The fact that it supports the wounded warrior project makes it sound even better! Hopefully I'll be able to run a mile with out stopping or passing out soon, and then I'll be ready to register for a race!

HaithBears said...

no worries. on the cinco de mayo, as aforementioned, my two-handed beer effort put me at a walking pace by just after the water-station, (who drinks water when there is free beer around?) which if i recall correctly i scoffed at and then later regretted. i wasn't the only 5k-walker by the end of that one.