Monday, March 22, 2010

Movin March {week 3 review}

A few weeks ago, I was searching for some motivation to get my butt off the couch and Casey's Moving March at The Ever Changing Life was just want I needed!  So I signed up and agreed to 3 simple rules:
1. No fast food for the whole month
2. Work out at least 3 times a week
3. Blog about it on Mondays

Last week I started out on the rebound from an awful week prior. I did crossfit Monday, which always knocks me out for a few days, then took the pooch for a walk on Thursday.  I managed to get it 2 work outs on Friday, another round of crossfit and 4 hours of dancing with girlfriends in heels.  Now I used to wear heels ALL THE TIME when I lived back in Cincinnati and never did they cause me any pain, but being that there are about zero places here where it seems appropriate to wear heals (I'm sorry, but it's just weird to me to get dolled up and wear heels to WalMart), I haven't worn them in months.  By Saturday morning, my calves hurt SO BAD, I was limping around and chugging water trying to make the soreness go away to no avail....I am sill sore today!  From here on, I vow to wear my heels at least once a week (even if it's to the commissary) just so when I want to wear them, I don't have to suffer through this soreness again!

Oh, and NO fast food this week!  It's amazing how much we rely on the convenience of fast food.  Even though I never have really eaten it A LOT, I've realized how easy it is to just stop and pick something up when you're out.  Twice last week I thought oh, I'll just grab something while we're out and had to remind myself NOT to, to wait the 10 minutes till I got home and could eat something there!


Lisa said...

Nice work! I had to fight the urge to stop and grab fast food on the way home from the gym the other day.

I did stop and grab sushi from the grocery store, but I don't think that counts.

Casey (@ Chaos and Cardboard) said...

I tried Crossfit once and I literally thought I was going to die the next day. It was too much, not sustainable for me. Bleh.

Good job this week! Sounds like you did great with food choices AND work outs!

Tori Bella said...

I love that dull post dancing achy in the thighs feeling! I don't think I've danced for years!