Wednesday, March 3, 2010

New Music

I am by no means a music critic, but when I "discover" great music, I find it dreadful not to share it with the world!

A little back story, if you don't care, skip to the end of the photos:

So if you read this post, you know about my love for stole my heart and soul at a young age and hasn't let go since.  In the city I grew up in, we didn't have an NHL team, but a team 2 leagues below, an ECHL team, the Cincinnati Cyclones.  These players are much more personable than NHL players and I was friends with quite a few of them on MySpace (yeah, back when MySpace was cool) and one of the players on the hockey team had a song on his page by an artist named Tyrone Wells.  Some of my girlfriends (who may or may not have had a thing for unnamed hockey player) fell in love with the song and decided that when he came to town we should go see him (because we liked his music, not because this certain hockey player might be there...ok, that might be stretching the truth).  May 4th, 2007 will forever be a day that changed my life musically.  My girlfriends and I went to this concert...see, here we are =)

Just so happens, that not only do we LOVE Tyrone Wells and his music....

But we also LOVE his opening act...Ernie Halter...

And thus began our love affair with AWESOME singer/songwriters, including...

Josh Hoge who played with Ernie a few times

and Curtis Peoples who also played with Ernie and Josh once or twice

and this list goes on, one guy opens for the next and thus I have discovered so much of my favorite music (much of which was used one way or another in my wedding) all because one girl had a crush on a hockey player.

ANYWAYS...back to the original point of this post....Tyrone Wells released a new acoustic album yesterday and I want to share it with you 


Erica Williams said...

I like Metal and Wood. It makes you think of all the things that we waste or ruin. Smooches!