Monday, January 6, 2014

Best of 2013 Instagram Style

Unless you live under a rock (or don't use Instagram), you probably saw the Statigram craze that took over social media last week.  My friend, Nicole, had this genius idea to give some details behind the images.  Since she declared she likes to know the details of...well...everything, I decided to share the good behind each of my 5 most liked photos on Instagram in 2013.

#5 (28Mar13 26 likes)
My best friend from college had brain surgery (She has had some illnesses for many years and this was just a "minor" surgery, if there is such a thing.  The surgery was a success and she's doing fine now) and she was really upset about having to shave her hair for the surgery.  I told my husband if it wasn't a huge amount and it wasn't straight down the center of my head (I have my limits here people) that I would shave mine too.  He thought I was joking but when she sent me the picture of how much the Dr had shaved, I said, "let's do this".  He took a little too much pleasure in doing this to me.  It's been almost a year and the hair has grown back to a point when it almost stays up in my almost daily ponytail.

#4 (11May13 27 likes)
After Jason completed command and I FINALLY finished my degree, we decided to celebrate with a vacation to Okinawa.  We spent a short 24 hours out on Zamami island.  Even though the weather SUCKED, it was a beautiful island and we had a great 24 hours despite the rain.

#3 (24Dec13 28 likes)
It was Christmas Eve and we had to make a trip to Coronado to pick up a prescription from the Naval base.  While we were there I made my husband take me to the beach.  It's not every year that I have the opportunity to spend Christmas at the beach, so while we're living in San Diego, I'm going to take advantage of the opportunity!

#2 (6Oct13 29 likes)
This was at the end of a photo walk I participated in.  Believe it or not, this is one of the most boring sunsets I've seen since we lived here, I'm just not usually in a good spot to capture them with my camera.
#1 (4Oct13 30 likes)
This was for a Fat Mum Slim photo a day prompt "in motion".  Buster is getting pretty old (Although, funny story, not as old as we thought.  While cleaning out our office we were looking at his old vet records and it turns out he's actually only 14, not 16 like we thought) so I've been trying to document more of his life.  He couldn't walk up and down our slick stairs in Japan so I'm incredibly proud of how easily he tackles the stairs at our condo here.



Unknown said...

What a beautiful thing to do for your friend. I am sure that meant the absolute world to her and it was so selfless and sweet!! =) What an inspiration!


Stephanie said...

This is such a great idea! I love hearing back stories!