Friday, January 24, 2014

Chedi Thai Bistro

Back in September I celebrated my birthday at the San Diego Restaurant Week kick off party and had a blast so when we heard it was coming back, we immediately started researching which restaurants we wanted to check out this go around.

First up on the list was Chedi Thai Bistro in LaJolla.  I absolutely love Thai flavors (except the chilies, you know, one of the main ingredients) so this was a no brainer for us.  I wish we had gone during the day so the photos would have turned out better but we both work full time jobs so dinner time it was.

The ambiance was great, the service was fantastic and most of the food was delicious.

If your town doesn't have a restaurant week, the idea is that restaurants sign up to participate and then choose a set menu (or at most, a very limited menu) and a set price.  Chedi Thai Bistro had a 3 course menu, a choice of starter, entree and dessert.  Depending on the entree you choose, their were different prices.

Jason started with the smallest chicken wings I've ever seen, but boy of boy were they delicious!  I would have loved a huge plate full of them.  I chose my favorite Thai dish, Tom Kah Kai.  It might have been the best Tom Kah Kai I have ever had in my life.  A giant bowl of this to go with a giant plate of those wings and I would have been set for the night.

Unfortunately I finished the soup and it was time for our entrees,  black pepper lamb for him and a tummeric curry noodle seafood for me.  Jason LOVED his and about licked his plate clean.

 Mine had a good flavor but the curry was a tad grainy and even though it said "mild" on the menu, it was so spicy I couldn't eat it.  I ate about 5 bites before I gave up and just ate my husband's rice.

We finished with a slice of chocolate cake and ginger creme burlee.  I had really high hopes for the ginger creme burlee but I didn't taste any ginger what so ever.  After another really long and stressful week at work, this was the perfect date night with my main squeeze.  I'm so glad we tried this place and I'm sure we'll be back.  (The drunken noodles the guy next to us had looked and smelled SO good, I have to try them)

Happy Friday folks!  I hope you all have a fabulous weekend!



Chantal said...

I looove Thai food.