Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Tama Hills

Four months after our first trip to Tama Hills we finally made it back!  This time it was a bit too cold to tent camp so instead we rented cabins with some of our best friends.  I found very little information about the cabins before we left so I'm going to do a little photo tour of our cabin before I get into our weekend.

 We stayed in one of the two pet friendly cabins.  They were separate from the cabins that do not allow pets but only by about a five minute walk.  If you want to be next to friends though, you'll either both want to book the pet cabins or ones that aren't pet friendly.  Like I said though, it's only about a 5 minute walk between them so it really wasn't a big deal to be separated.  Their website doesn't really say how many the standard cabins sleep but since it's only a one bedroom, we assumed only 2 adults but in reality, 6 adults could share one cabin (if you don't all mind sharing a bathroom).  There was a bed in the bedroom, a futon couch in the living room and a loft that was carpeted and had a cheap futon type mattress for sleeping.  There was technically only dining seating for 4 but you could also eat at the coffee table like we did.  The kitchen has 2 electric burners, no oven, a microwave and a fridge/freezer.  There were some basic utensils, one pot, one pan, and a dining set for 4.  Basically, only the basics are provided.  If you require anything more than that, you should bring it with you.  Also, the beds were horribly uncomfortable, I'd almost have preferred to be in a tent, except for the below freezing temps at night.

As for our weekend?  

We did a little artistic photo taking,

a little hiking,

a little climbing, 

a little hole peeking 

a little old dog assisting,

a little father/son bonding,

a little law breaking, 

a little shadow watching (best walking stick EVER, I'm so bummed I left it behind),

a little sun soaking,

a little archery teaching,

and a whole lot of eating!

 (I know, I know, who eats crab legs while "camping"?!?  WE DID and it was awesome!)


AgKB said...

Ah those look very similar to the ones at Lake of the Ozarks!! Looks like you managed to stay dry this time, too ;).

Emily said...

I'm glad you did a photo tour cause i've been wondering how they looked. Glad to know they at least have pet cabins. Now I can look into "camping" haha.