Monday, February 11, 2013


I'm loving this weekly challenge!  Coming up with 5 things I love about Japan each week has really made me think about everything I do here in a different way.  Here are the 5 things I love about Japan this week!

1. The "romance car" on days you're running late.  It's a super express train with assigned seats that stops 3 stations away from us and then not again until it arrives in Tokyo.  It's FABULOUS, but an extra 400 yen (about $5 US) each way so we don't take it very often.

2. Discount produce at the market that is fresher than the stuff they sell at our commissary.

3. Signs.  I have NO idea what this sign is for or what it says but it was too funny not to mimic.

4.  Ah, these things are GENIOUS! When you're trying on clothes, they give you these mesh covers to put over your face so you don't get makeup all over the clothing!  How many times have you found a fabulous shirt, it's the last one, in your size, then you notice a make-up stain on it...that never happens here! (now that I see this photo, I'm totally regretting not purchasing this skirt!)

5. Japanese have, hands down, the cutest shoes I've ever seen, EVER!  Most of them are reasonably priced (under $30) too.  The only downfall is that I wear a size 9 US which is a LL or LLL here and they rarely have the cute styles in my size.


Fly The Friendly Skies said...

they had funny signs like those in China too... we took quite a few photos with them. :) Very fun!

Chantal said...

That mesh bag is so funny! What an idea.

Modern Camelot said...

Omg those mesh covers aree genius! We should totally have those her. And yes, you need to buy that skirt!