Monday, February 18, 2013


Here are my 5 favorite things about Japan this week!

1. Ridiculously cute tights for less than $2.50.

2. SAKURA (cherry blossom) SEASON!  This means specialty mugs and drinks at Starbucks.  I'm not normally a Starbucks fan but these are too cute to pass up.

3. These special melons that are given as gifts and cost WAY more than a traditional melons. (I've never learned why, maybe I'll remember to ask one day)  The one on the left is about $60 US!

4. Another shoe post. Not only do the Japanese not wear shoes in their homes, the children also have special shoes they wear only in school.  They must take off their outside shoes and wear these while they are inside.

5. Big America burgers at McDonald's.  For the past few years McDonald's in Japan has come out with different "American" burgers.  This one here is the Texas burger which features "grainy mustard", cheese, a burger patty, fried onions, bacon and BBQ sauce.  I haven't actually tried any of these, since I don't eat beef, much less McDonald's but I still think the idea is good marketing!


Unknown said...

I really love these posts! they remind me of all the things I miss - but the photos are great. I love that you are sharing all the wonders and joys of this country with others. I look forward to see what you will post each week! :-) Thank you....

Chantal said...

In Canada we had indoor shoes! I think it had to do with the fact that nearly the entire school year it's snowing and wet ;)

Unknown said...

Same with Japan, especially during rainy season! It really does make sense to have dry different shoes for when you go in to the house... the floors might be a little cleaner, but not always... I really do love those Sakura cups from Starbucks... anything with a cherry blossom on it is always pretty! Looking forward to see what you pick to take pictures of next week! :-)