Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Photo Shoot {Pregnancy Reveal...not ours}

A few weeks ago at our weekly Bible study meeting on base a friend approached me and said she had a favor to ask me but she wanted to wait until we could talk in private.  I then spent the next 2 hours not paying attention to my study wondering what she could possibly need from me that she couldn't ask me in front of others.  At the end of our meeting she finally filled me in on her super secret mission, she's PREGNANT and they wanted some photos to send to friends/family to announce their big news.  So two days later we met at the park here on base and took just a few quick shots with my new Canon 60D.  

How adorable is the sign she made?!?!

I'm so grateful they asked me to do this for them!  I can't wait for Sara to be all huge preggo so we can do this again.  They're going to be great parents.  I just hope and pray we're here long enough to meet their sweet baby!


Kara said...

Good thing you clarified that it wasn't your reveal! I got excited for about a half a second!