Monday, February 25, 2013


I almost skipped this week but just 5 minutes of scrolling through photos on my iPhone and I easily came up with 5 things I love about Japan!

1. My wonderful ESL students' dedication to their lessons.  Even the snow won't stop them!

2. This comic I found while wrapping my package at Ikea.  I love the Japanese sense of humor.

3. Japanese are fairly law abiding citizens EXCEPT when it comes to bicycle parking!  I see this everywhere and it always makes me chuckle.

4. Recycle shop, or second hand store finds, like this nabe pot that was only $5 and a gorgeous kimono for under $10!  

5. Seeing how others view America.  This was in a local scrap booking store.  Football, cowboys, movies, the statue of liberty, taxi's and lots of food!


JG said...

Heh. That bike pic cracks me up!

Emily said...

I love when I see bike's ticketed for parking where they shouldn't ha.