Monday, April 30, 2012

#photoadayapril recap

I had so much fun participating in this challenge last month that I participated again in April.  I was less inspired this month but still managed to snap a photo each day.  Some I love some I don't care for but the challenge is making me thing about photography every day, so I'll be joining in again in May {although this will be significantly more difficult since I will be in the States and my iPhone doesn't work there...I'll make it work when I'm connected to wi-fi}.

Here are the photos from April.  

Day1 {reflection}

Day2 {color}

Day3 {mail}

Day4 {someone who makes you happy} 

Day5 {tiny}

Day6 {lunch}

Day7 {shadow}

Day8 {inside your wallet} 

Day9 {younger you} 

Day10 {cold}

Day11 {where you ate breakfast}

Day12 {stairs} 

Day13 {something you found}

Day14 {how you feel}  

Day15 {sunset}

Day16 {flower}

Day17 {something you don't like} 

Day18 {hair} 

Day19 {orange}

Day20 {something you drew} 

Day21 {bottle}

Day22 {the last thing you bought} 

Day23 {vegetable} 

Day24 {something you're grateful for} 

Day25 {looking down}

Day26 {black & white} 

Day27 {somewhere you went} 

Day28 {1pm} 

Day29 {circle}

Day30 {something that makes you sad}

Do you have a favorite?

Did you participate last month?

Will you be participating this month?


NavyGirl said...

Wow! There are some really cool shots and creative prompts.