Wednesday, April 25, 2012

back to life, back to reality

Any En Vogue fans sing along to the title of this post?!??   Anyone?  No?  It's cool, I know I'm getting old ;-}

My mom left and life went back to it's normal crazy self.  Within hours of her departure, my husband dropped a BOMB on me.  There is a job opening that he is interested in that would have us leaving Japan MUCH sooner that we were planning.  Apparently it is competitive so we don't even know what our chances are of actually getting the position, but there is some chance.  For now, we're praying about it and we'll just have to wait to see what happens.

Then I started seriously considering my next trip home for my brother's wedding in June. We have been debating on whether I should Space A {try to fly on a military flight for free} or pay $1500+ for a ticket or use miles.  We finally decided to use ALL of our miles so that I can travel on the days I want to.  With that, I decided to head to Cincinnati about 10 days earlier than I was originally planning on.  There are somethings going on back in the US that I want to be there for {mainly a show by the awesome Ernie Halter & Tyrone Wells and one of my BFF's 30th birhtday}.  I'm excited about it but also a little freaked out that I leave in 2 weeks!!!!

Last weekend, my husband and I had a much needed night out.  We made plans to attend a formal dinner at the Navy run hotel in Tokyo.  It was nice to get all dolled up ...Jason was even kind enough to help me style my hair that evening!

and enjoy a very delicious dinner with some friends.

Unfortunately, I was a little more daring than I should have been and tried some foods that my body isn't used to eating and it left me feeling pretty awful the next day.  At least next time I know to stick with the foods my body is familiar with!