Monday, April 23, 2012

Mom's visit {the food}

As I mentioned yesterday my mom wouldn't eat rice 10 years ago so to say that I was shocked by all the food she tried here is a huge understatement.  I was so proud of her for eating anything and everything I suggested.

In no particular order, she ate:

Curry Rice {her least favorite}

beer snacks

ramen and gyoza

SUSHI!  {funny story.  my sister gave my mom one piece of advice before she came here, "don't eat anything Jason tells you to".  Well my mom didn't listen to that advice and Jason told her to eat a piece of sushi that looked like a white she was eating it, he told her it was squid!  She wasn't very happy!}


festival food; okonomiyaki, yakisoba, and yakitori 

tonkatsu and soba 


tempura and udon

more okonomiyaki and yakisoba 

our favorite yakitori bar/restaurant

 MORE yakisoba and okonomiyaki {can you tell it's my favorite and now hers too?!}

and more yakiniku

Most, if not ALL of this food was new to my mom and she tried {and liked most of it} everything.  Like I said, I was super proud of her!  

And a note for future guests, DON'T LISTED TO JASON WHEN IT COME TO FOOD!!!

One more post from my mom's trip will be up tomorrow.


JG said...

Oh my goodness, now I am SO hungry! This looks so good! Yay for your mom for being an adventurous eater! I can't even get my mom to try something like homemade meatless lasagna haha!

Rebecca said...

I'll keep in mind to ignore Jason. Actually, I think my visit will be the longest time I will ever be in the same general area as Jason. Unless he'll be out of town. ha!