Sunday, May 6, 2012

another weekend recap

This was the 2nd weekend in a row that was jam packed full of fun!

Friday we ordered pizza and played domino's with our neighbors

Then went to a going away/just because party at a friends house

On our way home, we ran into a group of co-ops heading to the community club and decided to join them.  I freaking love these guys! {and really need a good point and shoot!}

Saturday was an incredibly long and incredibly fun day!

We started out at he Giant Kite Festival at Sagami River to celebrate the Japanese holiday, Children's day

That last kite weighs about 2,000+ pounds and required close to 100 people to fly was amazing to watch them get it in the air!

Jason finally got to try taiko today...I think I was more excited than he was though!

After the kite festival, I attended a baby shower

I love this onsie! {In case you can't read it, it says "Made in Japan with American parts"}

Then I met back up with Jason and we headed to a roller derby bout that was held here on our base


I'd never seen roller derby IRL before and I have to admit I had no clue what was going on most of the time. Even still, I had an absolute blast out there today!

We ended our Saturday with a relaxing dinner and the company of our wonderful neighbors

I can't believe I leave for the States in 2 days!  Time to start packing!


Melissa Woodard said...

The Kite Festival is my absolute favorite holiday in JAPAN! I am so upset I only got to see one event, but your pictures help a lot! Those kites are beautiful and huge! looks like it was another beautiful day for it. thank you for sharing and posting the pictures. They help me feel like I am still there, or can still be a part of what is going on over there.... :-)