Thursday, October 14, 2010

new favorite hang out!

Last night we were invited out with some of Jason's co-workers and I DID NOT WANT TO GO!  I was crabby and tired and just wanted to lay around in my sweatpants all night...but I am SO GLAD I didn't!  Jason is one of only 4 people in his office that are in the Army.  Everyone else is a civilian.  Some are Japanese locals and some are American contractors.  It's definitely a change from CCC, but not necessarily a bad thing.  Not sure why that's relevant, but it's just kind of a different atmosphere.  Anyways, all I knew was we were going to get yakitori grilled chicken on a stick and that the owner of the place resembled a greaser.  Grilled chicken & James Dean style, that had my mood looking up a bit =)

So here's the place
 and this is the menu they hand know it's going to be a fun place when they tell you to drink like a whale!

as for the food, we started out simple with grilled meatballs that were ridiculously yummy! MY FAVORITE!

Then we had some simple grilled chicken (on the right) and grilled chicken and garlic (on the left) with a delicious dipping sauce that I think they called miso but it tasted nothing like the soup we all know...I'll have to get clarification!

and a grilled potato with a LOT of butter...YUM!!!!

grilled rice ball...yum!

 and this is where my night came to a screeching halt!  Everything I had eaten to this point was so ridiculously good that they convinced me to try a piece of chicken liver.  Everyone there said how good it was, better than anywhere else and I (being the idiot I am) thought "it's chicken, how bad can it be"...well, it was AWFUL!  Like I almost threw up on the table.  I had to chug my coke to get it to go down and the only thing that kept me from spitting it out/throwing it up was the fact that I didn't want to be know as "the girl who threw up chicken liver" for the next 3 years


Other than the chicken liver incident, we had a great time eating great food with great people!  We will definitely be going back!


Dave and Ashley said...

Ohmyword! All that food looks so good (minus the chicken liver!) - especially that potato and the rice! MMMM.

Michelle A'etonu said...

wow! everything looks wonderful! i'm with you on the chicken liver. i would not have eaten it!