Thursday, October 21, 2010

shopping in Japan...

I'm going to make a generalization here.  Almost every single person in this country is TINY!  They make my size 4 look obese!  I had pretty much assumed that I was never going to be able to shop here...until today!  My neighbor took me to a local store called "g.u." which I have been told is pretty much like an Old Navy, and it is.  I was hoping to find a few sweaters but I was able to find a pair of jeans and a skirt also!  Their sizes are all in centimeters so I had no idea if I wore a size 60 or 80 so I got out my trusty iPhone and tried to google it but wasn't finding anything helpful so I just multiplied my regular jeans size (in inches, not the 2,4,6, etc. number) times 2.54 and got a rough estimate and went from there.  It took a couple tries but I found a pair that fit around the waist AND are long enough that I don't look like I'm waiting for the flood (which was my real concern) and the best part, they were only 990 yen which with the crappy exchange rate is only about $12.25!  SCORE!
 I also got this top and this skirt, each for about $10 USD...and the tights...they're my favorite part!
and they were only 3/$10!

I also got a sweater, but I didn't take a photo of that, the one thing I went there looking for!  The sizes all crack me up.  I went up 2 sizes just by moving to another country.  If you have qualms about your weight/size, I do not recommend shopping for clothes in this country.  I pretty much wear the largest size they sell in everything here! Large tops and large to extra large bottoms and I still haven't found shoes in my size yet, but I'm not giving up hope!


Jessica Lynn said...

Cute finds! And...note to self: if we get orders to move to Japan, lose weight immediately. I"ll look like a giant whale over there!

JG said...

My sister, though busty, has a tiny frame, like 15-inch hips. Nothing. And when she was in Thailand she wanted to buy some pretty Thai clothes, and the salesladies were beside themselves trying not to outright say she was too big for most of their clothes, and she had to shop in the "big and tall" equivalent. :) It was funny.

Nancy said...

OOh- where is this store?? Have you been to Uniqlo yet? It is kind of like an H&M-slash-Old Navy and has great prices too (except for the one in Narita-lol). There is one in Vina Walk. I also like all the little shops in Marue (IOIO) department store. I about died when I saw how much they wanted for their 9-West shoes though! ;-)

Melissa Woodard said...

yeah I don't even want to share what I go through as a size 10 - with a 9 1/2 shoe size. I am always being told I am a LLL!!!! and now that I am closer to a 12 since I moved here, it's just oh so much better! LOL I just gave up on the issue and shopped on base, not that the selection there is that much better, but now I will know where to try and shop... thanks for sharing this info... :-)