Monday, March 31, 2014

Bloggers Giving Back {Well Boxed}

Some days I feel like we made a huge mistake moving to San Diego.  Some days it seems that there might be a better place in the world for us to be right now.  Then, days like last Saturday happen and I realize this might just be exactly where we're supposed to be right now.

Saturday I attended another Bloggers Giving Back event with a bunch of incredible women who also happen to be bloggers.  The organizers, who have no military affiliation what so ever, chose to support our troops for their 2nd giving back event.  Each attendee chose a deployed Soldier (or Airman, Marine, Sailor) from and bought items to make a care package for that person.

We were supplied with boxes, decorations, food, wine and great company!

  It was eye opening to participate and see how non-military spouses view care packages that are such a large part of a military spouse's life.  Some of these women were super creative and had some great ideas.  During my husband's 2 deployments I sent him more boxes than I can count but I never in a million years thought to decorate them or create a theme for them (this was 07 & 09, before Pinterest).

There was so much good stuff packed into these boxes, I know the guys & gals are going to love receiving them!

I look forward to seeing these ladies each month, I just wish they weren't quite so far away.  Thankfully we're all bloggers and active on social media so even though we only see each other once a month, I feel like I am getting to know them all so well.  I can't wait to learn what we'll be doing next month (and I hope I can squeeze it into my insanely busy schedule in April).



Stephanie said...

I never thought to decorate or theme Tom's care packages either. I just went through the grocery store each week grabbing random items lol.

Julie Danielle said...

Those are so cute! I wish I had been able to make it. Do you know what the next one will be?

Emily Stewart said...

hooray! i had so much fun with you girls!

Fail Sweetly said...

Mike & Ikes! That's what I forgot to buy. Your box looks awesome :)

Nicole said...

It was great. I am so glad to have participated. Everyone really brought their A game with supplies and creativity. You are such an sweet and spunky spirit. I am glad you are hanging in SD for awhile :)

JG said...

How cool! I just love that you have found this group and love hearing your stories!

Jessica Lynn said...

LOVE this! How cool that people who have no affiliation to the military, got to support them. So wonderful.

I started decorating my husband's packages the last time he deployed, only because I was bored of sending him the same brown box!

I'd love to know some of the things everyone sent...were they themed?

Esther JuLee said...

It was so great to meet you! :) I feel like I was such a newbie at this, and I was really grateful that other people like you came extra prepared and helped me out!