Thursday, March 13, 2014

Penguins versus Ducks

For a few months now, at the advice of the fabulous Kara, I've been using a couple money making apps on my iPhone.  I decided to just kept stockpiling my earnings until I found something that I really wanted but wasn't in the budget.  A few weeks ago I realized the Pittsburgh Penguins we're going to be in Anaheim playing the Ducks.  I really wanted tickets but NHL prices are definitely not in our budget right now, so I cashed in my earnings and bought a couple tickets!  The game was on Friday at 7 and even though I get off work at 430, we were still late!  What should take less than an hour and a half on a Friday evening in SoCal took 3.5 hours.  UGH!  I was not pleasant in the car but luckily this man is far more patient that me and loves me despite my faults.

One of my favorite things about NHL games is that they don't permit you to walk around while the puck is in play, 1 for your safety and 2 so you don't obstruct the view of others.  I hate when you're at a live sporting event and someone walks right in front of you just when the game changing play happens, UGH, the worst!

 While I was standing there waiting for the play to stop so I could go in search of my seat, the best thing happened, THE PENS SCORED!  I was so shocked and not really into the game yet that I failed to take a photo.  I was even more shocked that the crowd went wild!  Even though we were the away team, the arena was packed with Pens fans and IT.WAS.AWESOME!


All night Jason was cheering for "penalty shots! penalty shots!"  He didn't exactly get to see a penalty shot but the next best thing, the game went into OT then a shootout, which is essentially repeated penalty shots.  It was intense, nail biting fun and I loved every second of it, especially this awesome goal from Sydney Crosby.

In the end, the Penguins came out on top and we got to see some bonus hockey!  Plus, the tickets were essentially free, WIN-WIN!

I was a little jazzed!  I miss this game so much.



Julie Danielle said...

How fun! I love going to hockey games although I haven't been in forever.

Kara said...

Yay! I just use my app money to pay down my student loans. That's not nearly as fun as hockey games! I don't think I've been to a hockey game in the last 10 years though. I'm thinking we should take the kids to a minor league hockey game.

Elizabeth @ Cheers, Elizabeth said...

FUN! Gene and I went to a hockey game once, but not a NHL one! I don't know if I could handle the traffic either, but it's pretty much the same for us getting down to Petco Park for Padres games, and we did that for two seasons! I have zero patience for traffic, and Gene is the saint who puts up with me!

Unknown said...

How fun! I am from Pittsburgh, so I would have been right there rooting for the Pens with you! Hope to get back and see them play soon!