Friday, October 11, 2013

I heart live music! {Tony Lucca}

I bring to you today part 3 of what has become my "I heart live music!" series.  This time I present to you, Tony Lucca.  Those of you who are fans of "The Voice" may recognize him the finalist of Team Adam, season 2.  He's the one that was told by Christina Aguilera that he is "one dimentional" and then returned the following week to perform Britney Spears, "...Baby One More Time".  Yeah, he's awesome.

My cousin couldn't go with me this time and Jason had class that night so instead of being that strange girl by herself (not that there is anything wrong with going places alone, I go to movies and dinner by myself all the time), I decided to offer to sell merch.  Instead of paying someone to tour with them, most of these guys just have local fans sell their merchandise in exchange for 2 free tickets to the show.  This was my 1st time selling merch and I don't know that I'll do it again (well, except for next week when I've already agreed to help Ernie Halter). I was not prepared for how loud it was in the back, I'm usually right up front singing and cheering and snapping photos.  People just would not shut up back there.  I could see the stage from where I was set up but I couldn't hear much of anything over all the people (including the guy who opened for him) yapping.  (And after the show a couple came up to me and complained about the same thing.  They were really pissed that the opening act was so loud that they couldn't hear much of Tony either) From what I saw/heard, it was a really good show, I just wish I had been able to hear more.

This was my first time seeing him since his appearance on The Voice and I was really happy to see that not much had changed (other than the addition of a Britney Spears {I had to look up how to spell her name!} cover).  He opened and closed with 2 of my favorite songs that I hadn't heard him sing live in a long time so I was very pleasantly surprised by that.  I'm glad he kept it real.

Doing this little series has been so much fun for me, taking a jaunt down memory lane.  However, it has reminded me that I lost ALL of my photos taken prior to August 2012 so I'm at the mercy of what I can find on Facebook/old blog posts (thank God for those).  

This is from a show, in Cincinnati, in August 2009.

This was weeks before I moved to Japan, in Indianapolis, celebrating my friend's 21st birthday.

I wish I could find more photos but this is serving as a good reminder that I need to be better at backing up my photos and printing off and preserving ones that are important.

Come back next week for my 4th and final installment of this musical series!