Friday, October 4, 2013

I heart live music! {Curtis Peoples}

2 shows in a week and I only have to wait 10 days for the next one?!?  I'm in music heaven here!  Luckily my cousin is willing to join me when she can and so far she's hooked on both artists she's seen.

This time it was Curtis Peoples, check out the video he just released for the 1st single from his new album.  Who doesn't love a little old school Nintendo?

I actually drug my big camera AND the flash I've had for 9 months now (and never used) along with me to this show and I'm glad I did.

Curtis and I spent a good 5 minutes trying to figure out the last time I'd seen him and we thought we had it narrowed down but a little Facebook research proved us wrong!

The 1st time I saw him was March 31, 2009 in Cincinnati, OH.
 3 days later we (a couple of my girlfriends and I) made the drive to Columbus to see him again (and Ernie Halter & Josh Hoge)

We decided we needed more so 2 weeks later we drove 5 hours to Nashville to see Curtis & Josh, again!
(I cannot believe I'm sharing this AWFUL photo of myself on here, I seriously considered blurring out my own face!  Pale is NOT the look for me.)

We thought that show in Nashville was the last time we'd seen each other but then I remember this show was 3 months later, back in Cincinnati.

4 shows in 4 months then nothing for 4 years!  I sure am glad the hiatus is over!