Tuesday, October 22, 2013

I heart live music! {Ernie Halter}

I was not planning on taking a 10 day break from blogging but I also wasn't planning on spilling an entire cup of water into my laptop.  I hate my husbands computer so I've avoided using it but I can't any longer.  This post cannot wait!  It's timing is of utmost importance.

This is my final (and in my opinion, most important) installment of my I heart live music! series.  If you missed the others, you can read them here {Tony Lucca, Curtis Peoples, Tyrone Wells}.  The reason the timing of this is so important is because my very favorite singer/songwriter is releasing a new album, Labor of Love, TODAY!  He wrote or co-wrote every song, played and sang every note, produced and mixed the record and even designed the album artwork and t-shirts himself.  Today also happens to be his birthday (Happy birthday, E {and mom, and Jenny})!

Ernie Halter opened for Tyrone the very first night I ever saw him so I consider those two the O.G.'s of my live music love affair.  Ernie and his music have been there for me for some of the most memorable moments of my life.  His music was a huge part of our wedding, his song Come Home to Me helped me survive our last deployment (and was covered by Justin Bieber), I went to see him play the night my grandfather passed away (after hours days weeks months spent in the hospital with him, I know he would have wanted me to go).  Ernie helped me celebrate my 30th birthday and one of his songs, "Blue Dress", is even where I got the name for this blog.  To say he's been influential in my life would be a huge understatement!

Here's the ticket from my very first Ernie (&Tyrone) show.

July 2007 in NKY, only 2 months later. (we both look SO young!)

September 2008 in Cincinnati, this was a great night.  He was scheduled to play with Josh Hoge at a bar but most of the people there were more concerned with drinking than watching E & J so they packed up and we all headed to another bar on the other side of the river (Kentucky) and they played a fantastic acoustic show

February, 2009 in Cincinnati.
This night was a rough one for me.  My grandfather had passed away that afternoon after a long battle with cancer and I didn't think I was going to attend the show but my family ensured me that there was nothing I could do any longer and encouraged me to try to enjoy a night with my friends.   Honestly, after grueling months of daily hospital visits, it was the perfect distraction.

September 2009, in St Louis (again, playing with Tyrone).  Some of my girlfriends and my sister came out to visit us when we lived at FLW and the weekend just happened to coincide with an E&T show in STL.  Whatever, I'll always take visitors, even if there is an ulterior motive.  (ps. did you guys know it's ulterior and not alterior?  I didn't!  I love learning new things.)

August 2010, in Indi.  My last show before moving to Japan.  We are goobers and I love it!

May 2012 in Indi again.  I moved my flight back to America for my brother's wedding ahead almost 2 weeks so I could make it to this show.  I needed my fix!

September 2012 at my best friend's parent's house, celebrating my 30th birthday with E and some of the most amazing friends I've ever had!
Best birthday present ever!

Most recently, last week, after his show in San Diego.

My, oh my, look how we've changed in the past 7.5 years.  E, if you read this, I love you and I'm so grateful you and your amazing music are a part of my life!

So, what are you waiting for?!?  Go to iTunes or Amazon or where ever you buy your music, right now, and download some great music.  Purchase a copy of Labor of Love and help give Ernie the best birthday gift he could dream of, a #1 album on the singer/songwriter charts!