Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Frank the beabull

Y'all know that I am a beagle lover.  I never wanted to be a dog owner but after inheriting Buster, I cannot imagine my life without him and have fallen in love with his breed.  We had decided that when he decides he's had enough of us and joins his original parents (my grandparents) in heaven, that we're going to wait to get another dog.  Then we met Frank.  Now we're not so sure.

We first met Frank at Home Depot.  (These crazy Californians are more fanatical about their dogs than the Japanese.  They take their pooches everywhere.  There were two at the bar we were watching football at last Sunday.  I digress.)  Frank is a beabull.  A beagle/bulldog mix.  We were intrigued and spent quite a while loving on this adorable dog.

Last week while on the World Wide Photo Walk the end of our path was at the Dog Beach.  Buster is so hard to photograph so I knew I wanted to spend some time there photographing (and playing with) other peoples dogs.  As soon as I had the dog beach in sight, I instantly focused on a dog playing fetch with his owner.  He was so active and energetic, he immediately had my attention.  Turns out, that fun, jumping dog was Frank.  I stuck up a conversation with his owner, Brian, and then snapped photos of him for 20 minutes.  Y'all, I love this dog!  He's the perfect combination of beagle and bulldog, the best of both worlds.

Frank and his owner, Brian.

I gave Brian my business card and told him if he emailed me I'd send him some photos.  I couldn't pick just one or two so I sent all of these to him and he was delighted to have them.


Emily Stewart said...

That pup is precious! :)

Chantal said...

You got some awesome shots!

Unknown said...

Sometimes we are so in the moment playing with our pups that we forget to really get some good, lasting, pictures of the events. You gave this man something he will be able to cherish for life... HE is an adorable dog and so playful too! Thank you for sharing - as always... Missing you... :-)

SEJ said...

My good friend has a beabull and I LOVE her. They are so cute!