Thursday, September 12, 2013

30 while 30 {the end}

Today is my 31st birthday. I cannot believe an entire year has passed since I was celebrating my 30th birthday with my family!

 In an ideal world I would have 30 tasks checked off my list at this point, alas, I prepped for and executed a move across the world over the past few months which left little time for my 30 while 30 goals.  I am happy with the 22 goals I did accomplish though.  I'm not going to do a 31 while 31, instead I'm working on a very exciting list of goals to accomplish while we're living in California.  Hopefully I'll have that completed and ready to share with y'all in a few days.


Health/Fitness {2/4}
1} take a yoga class {DONE 10Jan13}
2} do 1 unassisted pull up
3} pass the Army PT test for my gender/age group
4} try something new {DONE 14Feb13, spin class}

Food {4/6}
5} eat one week strict paleo {DONE 1-7Jan13}
7}learn to cook 5 Japanese dishes from scratch {4/5 1. Nikujaga 2. Yakisoba 3. Sukiyaki 4. Nasu Dengaku}
8} master 5 go-to last minute meals (ie. quick to prepare & no need for a recipe using ingredients we always have) {1. ratatouille, 2. pretzel chicken, 3. stir fry, 4. crunch wraps, 5. stuffed peppers}
9} try 5 new foods {1.Snakeskin fruit 2.Mangosteen 3.pistachios 4.quail 5.Chai tea}
10} meal plan every month {12/12}

Japan/Travel {6/9}
11}visit at least 3 new sites in Japan { DONE 1.Tokyo Disney 2. Tama Hills 3. Okinawa}
12} visit Tokyo Disney {DONE 23Oct12}
13} ride an elephant in Thailand
14} see the Great Wall of China {Done 19Dec}
15} put my feet in the Indian Ocean {Done in Bali}
16}volunteer somewhere outside of the US {DONE 8-12Nov12, Ishinomaki, Japan}
17}take Jason to Red River Gorge AKA my favorite place in the world
18} print, frame and display at least one photo from each of our trips {DONE 15Mar}
19} visit at least 3 new countries {2/3 Indonesia, China}

Random {10/11}
20}watch all 100 movies off the AFI {American Film Institute} top 100 list {56/119}
there are actually 2 lists, we combined them and there are 119 different movies on the lists
21} contribute to savings every month {12/12}
22}volunteer somewhere at least once a month {12/12}
23} have new photos taken of Jason and I {DONE 16Sep12}
24} send 12 personalized "just because" gifts/cards {Done}
25} revamp my resume {DONE 11Jan13}
26} complete a year long photo project {DONE 28Feb13}
27} attend an Army sponsored marriage retreat {DONE 22-24Oct12}
28} get a college degree {DONE 10May13}
29} VOTE in the Presidential election {DONE 17Oct12}
30} blog 100 times {DONE 26May13}


Kara said...

Happy Birthday!!

Katie said...

Hi, Jes! I found your blog through Kara @ Ramblings of a Marine Wife.

I'm trying to put together a San Diego military spouse blogger get together. (I just moved here too so I don't know anyone) and I was wondering if you would be interested in joining in! Would you mind emailing me if you're interested? katie (dot) plume (at) gmail (dot) com

Thanks so much!