Thursday, October 25, 2012

Tokyo Disney

This week, Jason and I attended our 1st Strong Bonds marriage retreat.  The event was held at the Tokyo Bay Hilton which just happens to be across the street from Tokyo Disneyland.  Since neither Jason nor I had been to Disney EVER, we decided to take advantage of our proximity and spent our free day at the park!  We didn't have the best weather and we're not huge Disney fans but over all we had a great day.  It was strange to hear classic Disney song being sung in Japanese and half the day we had no idea what we were doing.

Here's our day in photos =}

Riding the monorail from our hotel to the park

I spy the castle though the tram window

Halloween decorations

I sure do love this goofball 

Finally parade time and it stopped raining just long enough to snap some photos

We finally made our way around to the castle during another break in the rain

and there was this great view from the castle

I think my favorite part of the day was all the popcorn we ate.  They had souvenir buckets you could purchase and for just 500 yen {about 6USD} you could refill your bucket with a variety of flavors.  We had caramel, chocolate, which I thought I wouldn't like but ended up LOVING, and soy sauce/butter.  We heard there was a curry flavor but we never saw it or we surely would have tried some.


Kara said...

Yea! I would love to take the kids, but I don't think it's going to happen. Glad you had a good time.

Nicole said...

Looks like an awesome time! I ALWAYS wanna go to Disney! Now you just started the urge again LOL

❈ Annie - Blonde Glambition ❈ said...

How cool that your first Disney experience is in Japan!! And that they have Halloween decorations! Do they celebrate Halloween in the rest of Japan. Also the soy sauce/butter combo is something I'm going to have to tell my hubby about...sounds like something he would like :)