Sunday, September 29, 2013

New Friends!

When you move every 3 years (or less), making new friends each time can be a daunting task.  It's not as easy as when you were 5 and you can walk up to a girl, say "Your shoes are pretty.  Want to be my friend?", and skip off together to the playground (I saw this happen once at vacation Bible school).  Luckily for me, Katie from Going Coastal took some of the stress out of friend making here in San Diego.  She rounded up a bunch of military spouse bloggers who are all relatively new to the area and organized a super fun brunch at Crepes and Corks.

I had a delicious chicken pesto crepe.  Everyone else ordered something sweet so I'll have to go back and try a sweet one next time.

We sat around chatting for two hours and probably would have sat there longer if our parking meters hadn't expired. (our server was definitely not a photographer!)
Katie {Going Coastal}

We're making plans to expand our group and meet up again next month and I'm already looking forward to it!


Jordan Cole said...

So glad you had fun! I've never been there to eat, but it's now definitely on the list! I would LOVE to join in with you ladies next time!!

Chantal said...

Yay for a blate!! I wish we could meet too. How fun!

Jes said...
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Nicole said...

It was so nice to meet you and find your blog! Can't wait to see you next month!