Wednesday, April 10, 2013

10 on 10 {April}

This year is completely flying by!  I wish time would slow down but since it won't, I'm grateful for the 10 on 10.  It helps me remember to take time to enjoy my every day life.

Woke up to a throbbing hormone headache...this stuff is my miracle drug!

Driving past my favorite produce market on my way to teach.

"Teaching" English today...I just don't know what to teach some days! 
(suggestions are welcome ladies!)

Quick stop for lunch on my way home.

Putting dinner in the crock pot. Intramural volleyball started this week and I'm attempting to play (for the first time in 15 should see my poor arms!) which means we don't sit down for dinner until at least 2000, and that's if I do use the crock pot! 

Finally got someone to answer the phone and CTC and was able to schedule my history midterm.  I'm so close to being finished with school!

Mailbox JACKPOT!

Hitting up the 100 yen store for some care package goodies! 

I've never met a dog that likes to play fetch as much as poor arm is tired from throwing the ball! 

I have missed this game more than I realized...I've also lost any skills I might have had 15 years ago!


Nina said...

Good luck on your history midterm! It's such a great feeling when you get close to the end with schooling. Even though I have a few degrees, and like studying, the end is always the best part of it :-)

Hugs from Alaska!

Chantal said...

Busy day!!

So we just found out we will be going to Korea. Any tips for living on that side of the world?!

JG said...

Have you played Apples to Apples with your ladies? in college my Japanese friends loved that game because of the vocab!

Shelley McGrew said...

This is such a great series, and what an interesting location you live in! Love the dog photo, and want the crock pot recipe that uses beer? Love, love, love the 100 yen store - hilarious!