Monday, April 1, 2013


Y'all, I'm seriously starting to freak out about leaving Japan.  I am NOT ready!  Here are some of the things I'm going to miss most about Japan!

1. The abundant bicycle's no wonder everyone here is so skinny, everyone rides a bicycle.  I'd be willing to be there is more bicycle parking than car parking here.

2. Customer service here is superior to anywhere else in the world that I've ever been to.  Anytime you purchase something that could possibly be a gift they'll ask you "presento?" and if you say yes, it's almost certain that they will wrap it in a way that is far better than anything I could do myself!

3. Their lunch sets.  I love getting many different little dishes.  It's so much better than a burger and fries!

4.  The signs that we cannot read.  Our best guess is that people with afro's can sit on the trains but if you're bald (ing) like my husband, you must stand.  I'd love to hear your interpretation of this sign (if you don't speak Japanese)!

5. The flowers/gardens here.  Space may be limited but people are creative and passionate about their landscaping here.  I love all the variety of flowers and seeing the different ways people fill the (normally) small space they have outside their house.


Chantal said...

That sign is funny!! I have no thoughts on what it could be though lol

JG said...

Maybe they're telling people with big hair to be courteous and not take us space with their hair that someone else could use as a seat? that seems like a Japanese attitude.