Monday, April 8, 2013


I had been doing so well blogging a minimum of 2-3 times a week and this week I completely slipped and barely even noticed!  OOPS!  I haven't even been doing anything to keep me off the fact, it's been the exact opposite.  I'm finishing up my last semester of my associates degree and this has meant a lot of time spent on the computer.  I'm taking a word processing class that is very time consuming but I have learned a ton of useful information so it's been worth it.  I spent all last week trying to fight through the work and managed to complete all of the assignments (minus the final exam) in about 10 days.  When I was finished with that, I took a much needed 3 or 4 day sabbatical from the computer. I just have to take that final, complete 4.5 more assignments for my history class and take the mid-term for that class and I'll be all finished.  I'm so close!

I took some family photos for our CZ best friends last weekend and I didn't even touch them until  this weekend (it's never taken me that long, it's a good thing they're good friends and were understanding).

I love this family and we're praying they get their first choice of duty stations for their PCS this summer so they'll be just a days drive away from us when we move to San Diego.

I missed this weeks #ilovejapan post but it'll be back next week...I hope!


a. nicole said...

hi there! i've been a long time reader (albeit silent) and i nominated you for a leibster award. i hope you'll participate :))


Those pictures are beautiful by the way. We just left San Diego, too! I hope that your friends will be close to you, too. San Diego is still full of people I love and miss dearly. Best wishes!

Chantal said...

Beautiful photos!

JG said...

Beautiful pics! and I hear ya, I love blogging but I'm really having to discipline myself to keep up nowadays. I enjoy the challenge, but it IS a challenge!