Wednesday, February 29, 2012

half day/snow day

I had mentally checked out of winter {it's been in the mid 50's all week} so you can imagine my surprise when I woke up and saw this scene.

 I had a meeting that should have been cancelled so I put on my trusty new rain boots and headed out.

The roads were AWFUL!  I can't believe there weren't any delays or cancellations.

My meeting was in the building across from my husbands office, so I stopped by and discovered that they were sending everyone home so I got to bring the husband home with me =}
which means he got to scrape the car off & drive!

Once home, we promptly got to work on building a snow man!

I'm pretty proud of his roundness, I worked hard!  I did however make him a bit too round in the middle {my husband called it an "American" snowman in Japan}.

After we had the snowman built, I got out our "snow crayons" {colored water in squirt bottles, I use the same ones I use to decorate sugar cookies} and went to town drawing in the snow.

We have a very talented dog, what can I say? 
 {ok, so I did that, not him}

We even let the neighbor kids decorate our snowman.

I don't know about you, but I think this is the best looking snowman I have ever seen! 

We also taught the neighbor kids that it's OK to eat snow.

Our neighbor built and decorated a snow-pumpkin

We posed for a photo with our snowman {he didn't look so hot after the colors all ran together}

Now the snow is already starting to melt, last I checked it was 40 degrees outside.  Tomorrow it's supposed to be 55 so this snow won't stick around.  I'm glad we had a fun day playing in the snow today but I'll be happy when it's gone for good!


JG said...

That is some awesome snow. "American snowman" haha....yeah....

And I totally missed that you guys got a dog. Am I thinking of someone else or did you say once you weren't really a dog person?