Saturday, February 11, 2012

30 by 30 {7 months}

Health/Fitness {0/5}
1} take a yoga class 
2} complete a 5K {Training has begun. Race day: 07APR12.  Signed up to "run" a Warrior Dash while I'm "home" for my brother's wedding}
3} climb Mt Fuji {ordered these super fun new hiking boots so I can break them in...that's a start right?!?}
4} do 1 unassisted pull up
5} pass the Army PT test for my gender/age group {looked this one up, I need to run 2 miles in 20:30, do 17 push-ups in 2 minutes and 45 sit-ups in 2 minutes...I have some training to do!}

Food {3/6}
6} learn to cook lobster {DONE 16Dec11}
7} make gnocchi from scratch {DONE 8Dec11}
8} learn to make grandma's relish
9} try 5 new foods {DONE} 1. natto beans 2. umeboshi.  3. ratatouille (I know, I know, I'd never had it before and now I'm obsessed).  4. collard greens 5. turnips
11} learn to make 5 traditional Japanese dishes, including sushi {3/5}  1.sushi rolls. 2. inarizushi. 3. omelet (they're slightly different than the omelets we eat in the States)

Travel {2/8}
12} drink the Absynth we bought in Prague 3 years ago 
13} visit at least 3 new countries {2/3} 1. Taipei. 2. Australia
14} learn enough Japanese to carry on at least a 5 minute conversation working on this one
15} visit Disney (Tokyo Disney will have to do)
16} visit Hiroshima
17} snorkle the Great Barrier Reef {DONE}
18} ride an elephant in Thailand (this and #17 are trips that will help knock off # 13 as well and are sort of in the early planning stage.  If our vacation locations change, these will have to be changed as well)
19} visit a Japanese Onsen (hot spring) {DONE 31Dec11}

Random {2/11}
20} get out of debt (ALMOST THERE!  STUPID STUDENT LOANS!) still working on this one but we're on track to be done before I turn 30 =}
21} get caught up on my scrapbooks and stay current
22} read 50 books {30/50 and looking for recommendations!}
23} find out my blood type
24} design a logo for BleuDress (or pay someone else to) {working on this one}
25} MASTER all the functions on my camera {DONE 16Oct11 thanks to this class}
26} solve the Rubik's cube or complete a crossword puzzle without any help {I can't even figure out the Rubik's cube using the cheat sheet they include!  I'm working on some crossword puzzles!}
27} save $20K {I have come to terms with the idea that this one is not going to happen thanks to the 3 trips we will be making to the US next year.  I'm not happy about it, but it's a fact}
28} watch all of the Star Wars movies (I've only seen the newest one)
29} renew my CPR certification and keep it current {signed up for the class on 10Mar}
30} be paid for a photograph {DONE 7JAN12...I changed this one back to the original}


Modern Camelot said...

I think the Warrior Dashes look so neat! I signed up for the MD one on 5/19, but then found out its a friend's baby shower, so going to switch it for the VA one in September :)